A part of the concern is dedicated to the cultivation of the olive trees for about 10 hectares immersing their birth in the time. This area is also shared by century-old olive trees and new plants. The varieties are Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo.
Besides, there are 40 hectares dedicated to cereal growing with the best qualities of durum wheat.

  • Fertuna


    Superior category oil obtained directly from the olives of our trees through mechanical processes.

    The microclimate, the soils and the uniqueness of the concern hill location are favourable for the olive tree position and the fruit quality.


    ALTITUDE: 50 mt. above the sea level
    VARIETY: Frantoio, Leccino Moraiolo.
    HARVEST SYSTEM: Brucatura (hand harvesting method) on nets.
    APPEARANCE: Clear.
    COLOUR: Green with yellow reflections.
    PERFUME: Delicate scent of olive with hints of faded herbs.
    TASTE: Fruit flavour with hints of sage.
    USE: Raw on soups and bruschette (toasted bread seasoned with oil and garlic and often diced tomatoes), for cooking sauces, braised beef and fried food.
    TOTAL ACIDITY: 0,30 gr. oleic acid - 100 ml.